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2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2 to 4 eggs 2 to 5 pounds 20 years in captivity 28_inches_long 3.5 to 6.5 pounds 5 to 85 pounds abundant acute hearing adept runners adept_runners alaska alces alces alert american buffalo american_white_pelicans antlers antlers grow in the spring aransas national wildlife preserve arid lowland scrub arid_lowland_scrub arizona arizona sonoran desert museum awkward gait awkward_gait badtempered bald eagle bald_eagle barbed pads on feet barking_call barn owl barn_owl barnyard owl barnyard_owl bay winged hawk bay_winged_hawk bearizona bears beep beep bellows big bird big body big eyes big front paws bird of prey bird_of_prey birds bison black bars on legs black bears black rosettes on fur black wingtips black_beak black_bears black_head black_tail blacktipped tail blue eye patch boars bobcats bond between mother and cubs bond_between_mother_and_cubs born to run bovine breed with cows bright orange eyes bright red throat patch bright_orange_eyes broad wings broad_rounded_wings broad_wings brooks falls brooks falls alaska brooks_falls brown bears brown cat brown pelicans browsers bruin bubo bubo bubo virginianus bubo_bubo bubo_scaniacus bugling call bulls bulls are solitary buoyant flight burrows buteo ragalis buteo_jamaicensis cache a kill cache_a_kill cactus cactus snags california calves can be domesticated canada canada_geese canadian raptor conservancy canadian_raptor_conservancy canine teeth captive carnivore carnivores carol gray carol_gray cat cats cave owl cave_owl chirps church owl church_owl cinnamon bears cinnamon_bears cinnamon_red_tail_on_top climb trees climb_trees clucking sounds clucking_sounds colt common common_hawk control deer population cooperative hunting cooperative_feeding cooperative_hunting costal marshes courtship dance cover nose with tail cows cubs cud chewing curious dark brown bird dark mask dark_bar_between_shoulder_and_wrist death owl death_owl declining population declining_population delicate owl delicate_owl demon owl demon_owl denning animals dens dense fur desert desert snags deserts dish face dish_face diurnal dive for fish diving birds dobby owl dogtown lake domesticated dowhite_breasted_owl dwarf leopard ear tufts ear_tufts eat anything that moves eat berries eat blue crabs eat clams eat invertebrates eat leaves eat meat eat mice eat rodents eat roots eat salmon eat small mammals eat small rodents eat twigs eat_aquatic_plants_and_organisms eat_berries eat_fish eat_grass eat_meat eat_mice eat_rodents eat_roots eat_salmon eat_small_mammals eat_small_rodents eats fish eats ground squirrels eats mammals eats mice eats prairie dogs eats rabbits eats rodents eats small mammals eats voles eats_fish eats_mice eats_rodents eats_small_mammals elusive cat endangered equine equus ferus equus_ferus eurasian eagle owl excellent hearing exceptional_hearing expandable facial disc facial_disc falconry fall fast fast runners feathered legs feathers feed in brackish bays felidae ferruginous hawk fish eagle fishing for salmon fishing_birds flat antlers flight flocks fly foal forage forests frame around face frame_around_face free_roaming freeroaming fresh water fur geese ghost owl ghost_owl gliding glossy brown upper golden owl golden_owl good vision grand canyon national park grand tetons grassland bird grasslands graze with sandhill cranes grazers great horned owl gregarious ground bird ground forager ground nest ground_forager ground_nester ground_nesters grunting sounds hang out on docks harlans_red_tailed_hawk harris hawk harris_ hawk head turned heavy heavy_bird heavy_birds herbivores herds hibernate high pitched voice high protein highly sensitive vision hissing hissing owl hissing_owl hobgoblin or hobby owl hobgoblin_or_hobby_owl honking hooked beak hooked_beak hooves horns horse howling huge eyes huge nests hump hunt in teams hunt_in_teams hunter hunters hybrid indosesian_eagle_owl intelligent kaah kaah kaah calls kaibab national forest katmai brown bears katmai natinal park katmai_brown_bears keen eyesight keen sense of smell kits kittens la jolla lanky legs large bird large birds large black eyes large bodies large cuckoos large head large paws large raptor large talons large vocabulary large_bird large_birds large_black_eyes large_bodies large_talons large_webbed_feet larger females larger_females largest hawk lawns lean meat leaping pounce least concern legs rufous live 7 to 10 years lobo lon_lived long long claws long legs long neck long necks long noses long round wings long slender wings long snouts long tails long_claws long_noses long_round_wings long_slender_wings long_snouts low fat low pitched call lower_salt_river male_is_pure_white mammal mammals mare marks its territory marsh marshes massive head massive_bill mate for life mate_for_life mating dance mexican wolf migrates_ from arctic_to_canada migratory mingle with sandhill cranes monkey_faced_owl monkeyfaced owl monogamous moose moose meat mountains movement national bird national_bird near fresh water near open water near_open_water near_water nearly extinct nest in potholes nest in social units nest in trees nest near water nest of driftwood nest of sticks nest on islands nest_in_social_units nest_in_trees nest_of_sticks nest_on_the_ground nests in low bushes nests in open surroundings nests on manmade structures new nest each year nictitating membrane night owl night_owl no teeth upper front nocturnal north america north rim grand canyon not endangered not_endangered oceleot old growth trees old_growth_trees omnivore omnivores ontario open dwellers open woodland open_country_bird opportunistic or fish hawk osprey oversized bill owl pack pack animals pale_underbelly palmate antlers pandion haliaetus parabuteo unicinctus parabuteo_unicinctus part beef cattle part bison patient_hunter pelicans perches plains bison plumage polygamous poor eyesight pounce pounce on prey power powerful wings powerful_wings prairie predator predators prefers _lemmings prehensile lip prey_animal probe for food pups racaptive rack raptor raptor free flight raptors rarely flies rarest subspecies of wolf raspy call raspy_call raspy_scream rat owl rat_owl recovery program red fox red head red skin on throats during breeding season reddish brown reflection reuse their nests reversible outer toe rich_brown_above river hawk roadrunner rocky landscape favored rocky_landscape roost in barns roost in cavities roost_in_barns roost_in_cavities rounded ears rounded talons rudder ruminants run 35 miles per hour rusty color rusty red rut scent marking scratching head scream_used_by_hollywood screech owl screech_owl scritch owl scritch_owl scrub areas scrub habitat scrub_habitat sea hawk sensitive nose shaggy coat shallow fishing grounds shallow water shallow wetlands shallow_water sharp whistles short fur short legs short tails short wings short_legs short_tails short_wide_tail shrubs silent silent flight silent wings silent_flight silver owl silver_owl single note bugle call sinuous neck slow_controlled_dive_with_legs_outstretched small brains smaller males smaller_males smell snowy_owl soar_in_wide_circles soaring soaring_birds social social animals soft fur soft wings solitary sonar southwest sows spotted fur spring staccato staccato notes staccato_notes stallion stately pace steady wing beats steals food steals_food stealth stone owl stone_owl straw owl straw_owl stubby tail superior eyesight swimmers symbol symbolic tail for balance tall birds talons team work team_work territorial texas thermals thick bushy tail thieves threatened species throat pouch thundering tiger owl tonto national forest tonto_national_forest tufted ears two_eggs twos same length tyto alba tyto_alba unmarked white on belly updrafts urban ursidae ursus arctos ursus_arctos usa v_formation vertical pupils very rare vittoria vixen vulpes wallowing wanderers water plants water waders water_bird water_birds wavering alarm call weak call weak fliers weak_call webbed toes webbed_feet wetlands white head white head tinged with yellow white headed white owl white plumage white underbelly white_cheek_patch white_chinstrap white_head white_headed white_owl whitebreasted owl whitetipped tail whoo whoo whoo whooping crane wide_flat_bill widely spread widespread wild wild horses wild horses graze along the lower salt river near mesa arizona usa wild_horses wildcats wildlife wingbeats winged tiger wingspan wingspan_60_inches wise wolf pack woods bison worldwide www_grayfoxxpixx_com wyoming xshaped foot yawning moose yellow beak yellow feet yellow legs yellow_beak yellow_eyes yellow_feet yellow_legs yellowstone
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